Two Mythologies, One Post

Staci Troilo

As you know by now, Love Set in Stonedeals with the mythology of the gargoyle—the stone creature who perches on the tops of buildings and watches over humanity, scaring away evil and protecting the innocent from any harms that might come their way.

But there is another mythology referenced in my novel, one that maybe only residents of Western Pennsylvania are familiar with. (For more information, read this article.)

The Monongahela Monster.

We heard the stories as kids.

Timmy just wanted to go for an inner-tube ride. But he fell out. There were all these bubbles. Then this thing came out of the water. Ain’t never seen anything like it before. We hollered for Timmy to swim for it, and he tried, but that thing was on top of him before you could say Myron Cope. Sucked him right under. All that was left was his Terrible Towel…

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