Meet the Character: Damien Stone

Staci Troilo

Love Set in StoneLove Set in Stone just released last week. On my birthday, actually. (What a gift to me!) We’ve talked a bit about the novel itself, but not too much about the characters. Today, I thought we’d take a moment and meet Damien Stone, the male protagonist.


Hair: Dark brown, close-cropped

Eyes: Grey

Height: 6’2”

Build: Muscular

Occupation: Died as a warrior. Exists as a gargoyle—protector who watches over the city.

Quirks: Despite observing mankind for centuries, he hasn’t interacted with them much. Sometimes his movements are stilted, his language is off. When he’s nervous, he tends to stretch his body parts like he’s loosening kinks in his muscles—which probably isn’t unlikely, given he spends half his day immobile as a stone grotesque.


Damien has agreed to meet me at The Original Hot Shop in the Oakland community of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He’s recently discovered he has both a healthy appetite…

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